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Becky Wyatt, Owner Of B&W Remodelers

Becky Wyatt

Owner / Partner

In the 80's and 90's, it was my privilege to hold a Texas Real Estate License and perform my favorite…

Bud Wyatt, Owner Of B&W Remodelers

Bud Wyatt

Owner / Partner

I rather be out managing this week's projects than writing about myself. When the wife says, "Get it done." Well,…

Steve Wyatt, B&W Remodelers Superintendent

Steve Wyatt


We are often faced with complex home remodeling projects where several sections of a home are being worked on simultaneously.…

Blain Smolik, B&W Remodelers Superintendent

Blain Smolik


I am a lifelong resident of the Katy area. After twenty years of middle management experience in corporate America, I…

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